Widen Your Reach: Sell Facial Cleanser for Men

Many guys are no longer reflexively picking up the bar of Ivory in the soap dish to wash their faces — they’re shopping for facial cleanser for men.

Let’s face it — some guys, and particularly young men — aren’t always the cleanest. They let grime build up in their bathrooms and they wear their clothes over and over without washing them. But guys are people too, and they want to look and smell clean, even if their apartments are messy.

That’s why a search for facial cleansers for men yields 34 million results.

facial cleanser for men

The Skinny on Men’s Skin

Men’s and women’s skin share some similarities. Both can be sensitive, break out or flake off.

But while men’s and women’s skin is similar, there are important differences, and a one-size facial cleanser does not fit all.

For instance, the Pharmaceutical Journal says that men’s skin is thicker, oilier and hairier. Men also suffer more frequent fungal infections. The American Academy of Dermatology says that melanoma strikes men more often than women, and men more often die from it. All About Acne explains that men have more of the hormone androgen, which can make acne worse. They also tend to play sports and exercise more often, and young men may not shower immediately afterward, allowing bacteria to stay on the body longer.

Daily shaving can result in dryness, redness, ingrown hairs, rashes and other problems. Growing a beard comes with its own issues, including itching, dandruff and inflammation.

Step 1: Get a Good Facial Cleanser for Men

Whether a guy has a beard or not, good skin care is a necessity. Anything from diet to stress to environmental conditions can wreak havoc on skin.

Corner Canyon’s facial cleanser for men is specially formulated to address common problems, such as wrinkles and acne, as well as more targeted issues, such as razor bumps.

Our facial cleanser contains coconut water, an almost-magical elixir that fights both oily skin and wrinkles at the same time. It cleanses, hydrates and can even help repair sun damage — a problem men suffer from more, since they tend to use less sunscreen, as a Harvard Health Publishing study confirmed.

Facial Cleanser for Men from Corner Canyon

Launch your own line of facial cleanser for men by ordering from Corner Canyon. We will personalize each bottle of cleanser in your order with your name and/or logo. Send us your own design or have us create one for you.

You have nothing to lose by giving our facial cleanser for men a try, because we allow small orders — you can get as few as 50 bottles. We keep our prices low, so products are still affordable after you add your markup.

Do your male patients and clients a favor — order facial cleanser for men from Corner Canyon today.