Vitamin B & C Serum for Skin a Top Seller

Your patients and clients want beautiful skin, but when you give them a choice, they prefer to achieve it naturally. That’s why you should offer them your own vitamin B and C serum for skin.

vitamin B & C serum for skin

Consumers Avoid Surgery

Even people who can easily afford plastic surgery often shy away from it. They’re afraid of anesthesia and hospitals. They’re concerned something will go wrong and they will look worse after surgery instead of better. They’re worried that if they look better, everyone will notice and ask why and judge them as vain or foolish.

For these reasons and more, many sink thousands of dollars a year into injections and fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, which last an average of six months. But you can get these procedures done on your lunch break and go back to work. When you get plastic surgery, you’re home recuperating for weeks.

Vitamins Are a Preferred Alternative

Restylane can be used specifically to help erase wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. These can be caused by smoking or age (or both) and can be exacerbated by a vitamin B deficiency.

As an antioxidant and an important catalyst in producing collagen and elastin, vitamin C is vital in warding off free radicals, which can damage cells. Without enough vitamin C, skin also takes longer to heal.

The American Academy of Dermatology has suggested that vitamins B and C can stop and even reverse sun damage, as well as lighten dark spots and patches on the skin. They can also improve acne and signs of premature aging from the sun.

Your Own Vitamin B & C Serum for Skin

When you partner with Corner Canyon, you don’t have to worry about research and development — we do all that for you. We create the product, and you market it under your own name. All you have to do is send us a design for the label; or we can create one for you.

You know your patients and clients best, but most people find it easier — and cheaper — to simply apply a skin-care product morning and night than to undergo a cosmetic procedure. The act of smoothing it on makes them feel like they are taking an active part in improving the appearance of their skin.

If your patients or clients ask you what they can do to look younger and better-rested, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and fade freckles and dark patches, order a batch of our vitamin B & C serum for skin. You can get as few as 50 bottles to start, so the risk is low.

The HuffPost reports that U.S. women spend an average of $8 per day on skin care products. That’s $240 a month. If you sell your clients or patients you own facial cleanser, anti-aging moisturizer and under-eye serum in addition to the vitamin B & C serum for skin, they won’t need anything else.

Contact Corner Canyon today, and put in your order for vitamin B & C serum for skin.