Recommend Natural Sleep Aids to Clients and Patients

So many people today find it hard to sleep, and thus turn to natural sleep aids. Worries are at an all-time high, and they seem to jump to the forefront of our minds as soon as we close our eyes. A recent Gallup poll revealed that Americans’ stress, worry and anger grew in 2018. The study further showed that Americans have one of the highest rates of worry in the world.

Regardless of whether all this worrying is justified, the fact is, it’s cutting into our sleep.

The effects of sleep deprivation are many and profound. According to a Johns Hopkins researcher, much of our lives can be affected by sleep loss, including our weight, physical and mental health, appearance and more.

Your patients or clients are undoubtedly always asking you how they can lose weight, have more energy and look younger, and getting enough sleep is a crucial component in achieving these goals.

Natural sleep aids help

Ravages of Sleep Deprivation

When you’re tired, you don’t feel like taking the time to prepare a healthy meal. You crave comfort foods like carbohydrates and sugar, which make you feel more sluggish and contribute to weight gain.

Feeling tired all the time can make you anxious and depressed, which may lead to drinking more alcohol in an effort to seek relief from your symptoms. This isn’t good for your body or your symptoms, and in fact results in greater sleep disturbances.

Lack of sleep can also cause dark circles, puffiness around the eyes and can deepen the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural Sleep Aids Can Help

One of the reasons many people suffer with sleep loss is because they are afraid they will become addicted to sleep aids and not be able to fall asleep without them. While there is some evidence this can be true with the use of hypnotics such as Ambien, there is no such risk with natural sleep aids.

Corner Canyon’s natural sleep aids contain magnesium, gamma aminobutyric acid (a naturally occurring amino acid), lobelia herb, valerian root, l-theanine and melatonin. All these ingredients are natural, and none is harmful to the body.

Partner with Corner Canyon

When you order from Corner Canyon, we put your own personal label on the product. We do all the research and development, but we give you the credit. Rest assured all our products have been rigorously tested and are safe for consumption.

You can even order as few as 50 bottles at a time, to test product sales before making a commitment.

Your patients and clients will love our natural sleep aids. They’ll get more rest, and as a result, will look and feel better. Our natural sleep aids are a must for everyone’s medicine cabinet. Contact Corner Canyon today to order your first batch of natural sleep aids.